Curbvault High Security Locking
Curbvault High Security Locking
  • Constructred of indestructible 1/8" thick seam welded plate steel (resists baseball bats, bullets, pipe bombs)
  • The ultimate defense against mail and identity theft
  • A great alternative to brick
  • Vehicular "break-away" safety mount included
  • At-home "catch tray" for easy mail retrieval away from traffic
  • Self-locking door with rear retrieval access
  • Converter tray for "drive up" front retrieval access
  • Meets and exceeds all postal regulations
  • Oversized deposit door opening, no slot
  • 4 fashionable colors of ever enduring power coating, inside and out
  • Welded steel rods instead of breakable hinges
  • Huge storage capacity to prevent "mail holding" (3,200 cubic inch capacity)
  • Exclusive, mildew-resistant condensation system; water tight
  • Larger, newly designed red flag made of 1/8" steel





Front Drop Door

Rear Access Door

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