G Triple

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The G Multi-Mount System offers builders, developers, and homeowners a customizable mailbox system to suit their development or community needs. With configurations beginning with just a single mailbox, the Multi-Mount system can be arranged to accommodate any number multiple of mailboxes, be it 4, 14 or 44. What's more, the Multi-Mount system can be outfitted with available accessories for a uniquely distinctive look to make mailboxes a design focal point, not an eyesore.

Flexibility. Configuring the Multi-Mount system to your specifications is easy.

1.       Simply determine the number of mailboxes needed and choose the desired configuration(s) needed to complete the mailbox project

2.       Select your desired mailbox model

3.       Add your accessory options

Customers can even choose from one of our popular preconfigured model packages.

Postal Carrier Appreciation. Since the Multi-Mount system allows the mailboxes to be mounted on the same horizontal plane, postal personnel will appreciate not having to stoop or stretch when depositing mail like they do with other stacked/vertical multiple mailbox configurations.

Quality. Every Multi-Mount post system is made with the same level of pride and quality you've come to expect from all Gaines Manufacturing products.

Beautiful Design. The Multi-Mount system accommodates and complements all Keystone Series Mailboxes, parts, and accessories.

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