Classic Face Plate BZBZ 5002

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These mailboxes are 100% powder coated aluminum made for years of maintenance free use. They feature two front doors which are held closed by stong magnets. The bottom door can be locked, however, the top door has a large enough opening for a hand to reach in. We say the lock is there more as a "visual deterrent".

Like all Classic Series mailboxes, The Classic Face Plate is available in black, white, green, charcoal, bronze, and almond. You can choose between the standard polished brass, or upgrade the accents for $20.00 to bronze, verde, or nickel.These units have an aluminum "can" attached to the back of the face plate where the mail collects.

Outside Frame: 14 7/8" wide x 13 1/8" high x 1" deep
Aluminum "Can": 13 1/8" wide x 11 3/8" high x 10" deep

Bottom Door opening: 10" wide x 4" high

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