J Porcelain Plaques

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Like our "all-aluminum" address wall plaques, our porcelain address signs utilize the same aluminum frames and measure 16-1/2" x 9-3/4". Additionally, these home address markers can be placed in either a horizontal or vertical orientation, ensuring that your sign can fit above the entrance-way to your home, between the garage doors, next to your front door, or just about anywhere you would like. Normally the address numbers measure between 3" and 5" in height. But if you wish to have larger numbers, simply order your porcelain sign without the decorative ring and they will then be larger, measuring between 5" and 7" in height depending on the length of your particular address.

Benefits Of Our Custom Porcelain Home Address Plaques

  • Simple 2-screw design allows for easy installation
  • Maintenance and rust free
  • Durable powder-coated aluminum frame
  • Convex address plate for increased visibility and added appeal
  • Scratch and graffiti resistant

Porcelain Signs: A Superior Process For Superior Durability

Since 1986,  providing you with premium home front enhancements for your home and its curbside appeal. Further enhance the look of your home's décor with help from our decorative porcelain signs. These special porcelain signs reflect the timeless elegance of the antique signs found throughout Europe. The porcelain process yields a product that has superior resistance to chipping, scratching and fading.

  • Step One - We start with a steel plate for strength.
  • Step Two - We apply the porcelain finish to the plate.
  • Step Three - We fire the product at 1300 degrees, fusing the porcelain finish to the steel and therefore eliminating the chances of rust.
  • Step Four - The finished product is so durable and strong that even spray paint graffiti can often be wiped off, leaving an unharmed and beautiful porcelain wall sign.

Note: Scratches on the sign plate can usually be rubbed off using your finger. Most of the time when something strikes the plate, the mark that is left on the plate is actually part of the object not the sign itself and is only on the surface of the plate. Just rub the mark with your finger and it will most likely disappear.

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