Large Commercial

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Made of 1/2" solid acrylic, weather resistant large commercial signage is available in eight (8) attractive styles – SURFACE MOUNTED - RECTANGULAR, ARCHED, OVAL, CLASSIC and POST MOUNTED – RECTANGULAR WITH POSTS, ARCHED WITH POSTS, OVAL WITH POST and CLASSIC WITH POST.

Post colors are available in black and white.

Ideal for businesses, schools, libraries and hotels, commercial signage is available in a background color that can be specified BLACK, COBALT BLUE, JADE GREEN, MAROON or WHITE and with a character / trim color that can be specified GOLD or SILVER.

Commercial signage is also available with five (5) choices of emblems – DAISY, FOUNTAIN, GRID, INFINITY  and SHELL.

If no emblem is desired, select NONE.

Commercial signage can accommodate characters and trim on ONE SIDE or on TWO (2) SIDES.

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